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Barrel Chat is your #1 podcast for the finer side of beer, liquor, and wine. Every episode hosts Mathew Muncy and Dustin Wood talk to industry leaders about their finest libations.

Mathew Muncy

Mathew has been a podcast connoisseur since 2005. As a fan of talk radio, his passion quickly transferred to podcasts. That passion stuck with him through college where he studied journalism and hosted a weekly sports radio show. After college, he waded through the challenges of podcasting on a budget, never finding a foothold. That was until he began writing for a local craft beer website in 2015. He eventually met Dustin who was a freelance designer for the website and the two of them took over the company’s podcast in early 2017. In late 2017, the duo left the craft beer website to venture out on their own with the Barrel Chat podcast.

Dustin Wood

Dustin got into podcasts through listening to audio books. With books taking too much focus to listen to, it just made sense to start listening to podcasts in 2011. He studied Visual Communication in college leading to his interest in logo designs. A stint doing design work for a craft beer website lead to the friendship with Matt. A deep, ever-evolving passion for craft beer and being a design nerd at heart helped to develop his role with the company.

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